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Deck Furniture- How to Arrange

Patio or Deck

furniture is a great accessory for your outdoor deck. It's placement on your deck can add beauty to your surroundings , so be sure to arrange your furniture thoughtfully :

In order to create a comfortable space while keeping a pleasant atmosphere please consider the following details:

Walk Ways
People and guests will need a space to walk to and fro. So Give consideration to how they can easily move in between your furniture.

where will people be sitting;What vies are available? what will people be looking at when sitting. Will the seating be conducive enough for conversation. A good rule of thumb for positioning chairs, sofas, etc, is to set them towards each other, 5 to 8 feet apart. This will create a a comfortable distance to talk with others . For views, look around and consider your focal points such as trees and shrubs in the distance, or the deck's close objects such as planters and ornaments.

  family deck 

Creating a sense of Intimacy

Creating a sense of intimacy or enclosure is a great way to make your outdoor deck experience more intimate, as well as creating a feeling of separationand privacy from neighbors. To Create this intimacy you need to position shrubs, arbors, trees, trellises , etc, it such a way that they will definitely add to your atmosphere creating that outdoor feeling of enclosure.

Wind and Sun Considerations

You need to watch from which directions the wind usually blows to and fro. Once you have figured out the direction most used, your ready to makes some good decisions about the placement of your furniture and items. If your deck will have a grill or barbeque be sure to locate them whereby the wind will carry the smoke from the barbecue away from your main outdoor space. As we know, Smoke in one’s eyes can be very irritating.

Other wind factors of importance are if you are in an area where you can receive a cold wind, do consider blocking the wind using avertical plane; for example- shrubs, or trees. Other ideas to employ are constructing a planter around your deck,. This should give you some ideas plus your own imagination will contribute too.

For overhead sun, an awning usually one that can be retractable is a good idea to eliminate most of the sun, not to mention umbrellas, arbors, trellises etc.

Deck Furniture and Accessories

What should I buy? Thinking of placing deck ad patio furniture depends on how big or small your deck or patio is. Buy y 1 or 2 chairs and a table if its a small area. Larger areas can be populated with a sofa, small tables, a patio set with umbrella etc. There are many styles and options out there to make your deck very attractive and comfortable, be sure to visit your local stores or go online to get familiar with as to what styles and materials of furniture are available. You will find that the more popular styles are wicker, teak, cast aluminum, wrought iron, plastic and casual aluminum. They can be bought as sets or individual pieces. Don't forget those accessories; patio lamps, garden arbors, fire pits, and outdoor heaters. All these items will certainly add to the atmosphere of your deck or patio. Outdoor heaters will extend your deck enjoyment into the winter months and early spring.

Make your  deck and patio a place and experience for family and friends.  It can be a place that will  always brings to mind fond memories of family and friends.